Thanks For All Your Comments!

500px_The magic colors of the nightI really appreciate the comments. Honestly! About the blog/site, well, ’tis still in its infancy as you can see, but I’m hoping to add videos to accompany some of my interpretations of those great songs in the future.

I only started the blog/site to provide hard copies of tabs based on my lessons for my students; and then I thought, hey, maybe they could help other guitar players.

I also like art and nice pictures, which can be inspiring if you’re a song writer – so there’ll be random unconnected guitar stuff on here.

Spam spam spam – sorry about that… trying to work out how to stop it and appreciate your comments.

I use WordPress and ThemeZee – kind of caught my eye and settled on it as you can spend hours searching for themes.

Song requests, yes please, but I’ll give you my interpretation – as the law demands.Furious

Any Nick Drake requests?

Happy playing dudes!

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