Sit Down by James

A great strummer! Apparently Tim Booth’s thank you to Doris Lessing & Patti Smith who inspired him. It’s one of those songs that has crept back in to the British psyche (Comic Relief 2013) and has seemingly captured the zeitgeist of 2014 also – at least it has in my house where we still regularly jump around like Hong Kong Fuey (watch it on utube my precious). Sit Down has that somewhat timeless quality where a lot of its indie contemporaries have simply faded away. And what’s more it’s fairly easy to play! It’s that folky feel, isn’t it? And perhaps that James are gigging quite a lot at present – good on ’em hey? And giggling all the way to the bank (cynical, I don’t know)! I’ve put the tab in Level 3!

Sit Down

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