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Hi all! I’ve been teaching guitar for about 3 years now. I mainly teach in and around the Charminster area but do presently have students as far afield as Ferndown, so I can travel to you. I have over 25 years experience in playing the guitar including, live performances with bands, recording/studio, not to mention a spot of busking here and there.

I specialise in teaching beginners (all ages), and the majority I teach have all progressed to playing songs/riffs and even starting their own bands – and are still with me!! The majority of my students are through word of mouth or via my children, so references from other parents are available on request. I am also CRB checked and possess public indemnity insurance.

Previous to this I spent over 15 years teaching English. I favour the fun aspect of learning, in that, I teach students what they would prefer to learn coupled with my own recommendations and advice on technique and method of playing. I now split my time between parenting duties and guitar teaching. I can either teach at my own house or can visit you. Many thanks!


Acoustic guitar (strummers & pickers!), singer-songwriter guitar style classical guitar,

rock/blues/electric guitar, flamenco and even basic jazz

What about a smile!
What about a smile!

Founded: 11 Sep 2010